Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thai Tuesday

Wow. Today was a busy, busy day at the office. We were on the move from the moment we got there until we left.
I started out my morning with a cup of Dutch coffee. We were introduced to this when we were in The Netherlands last year. We had been big latte drinkers, but now my husband makes Dutch coffee for us first thing in the morning. You don't use a dark roast but you brew about and ounce and a half of a light roast the same way you would espresso into an once and a half of hot water. We add a small splash of nonfat milk and that is it. We also have a small piece of cold pressed dark chocolate with it.
While he is making the coffee I start the oatmeal. I like the Trader Joe Steel Cut Quick Oats because they don't take as long as McCann's. The directions say 10 minutes but I usually let them simmer 15- 20 minutes. When I serve the oatmeal I top it with a healthy serving of blueberries and a splash of nonfat milk.

I like to serve the oatmeal in these cute bowls that I call my happy bowls. They put a smile on my face and that's a good way to start the day!
We had a very full schedule today and two hygienists working so we were busy all morning long. When lunchtime came we were ready. Since it is Tuesday it must be Thai. While a number of our staff head off to a local diner for Taco Tuesday, Brad and Ben and I head over to our favorite Thai restaurant. I usually order the Chicken Jubilation and today was no exception. The dish comes with soup or salad and I always get the soup.

Last Tuesday when we came by for lunch the place was crammed, with a line waiting to be seated. Today there was only one other table occupied. Ann, the owner, sent over an order of complimenary fried wontons and I had to have two of them. Afterall, I didn't want to seem ungrateful...

The Chicken Jubilation is a very tasty dish of chicken, green and red peppers, onions and a light sauce. It comes with two scoops of rice, but a couple years ago I started requesting no rice. One day when I ordered it without the rice it came to the table with the addition of broccoli. That made the dish even better. Ever since then Ann always makes it this way for me. When my son-in-law, Ben, wants to order it with broccoli he requests it "Cathy style" and they know what he means.

I add a healthy amount of small green chiles to the dish -- I think the chiles are sliced serano chiles. Everything tastes better with a little heat!

The afternoon was every bit as busy as the morning was and I was glad when 5:00 came and we were done. We got home and wound down a little bit and then it was time to put dinner on the table. Tonight we had planned for quesadillas so that we could use the rest of the avocados. I grilled the chicken while Laura made the guacamole and Brad grated the cheese. Then we each put together our quesadillas and grilled them on the stove. Oh no, I forgot to take a picture. I'm not used to this taking a picture of my food. My family thinks it is pretty funny. So do I...

Anyway, after dinner I had a sugar-free popsicle.

It has been a busy day, but a good day. Tomorrow I plan to get up and walk before work. I have a hair appointment tomorrow evening and I won't have time to do anything after that. At least I have dinner already prepared!

Until tomorrow...

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  1. I almost ashamed to admit I have never had Thai food. I definitely need to try it - it looks so good!