Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Definitely Monday

Monday evening and I am tired! The day seemed very busy and a little frustrating. Busy because it is Monday and the bulk of the insurance checks come to the office on Monday where they have to be posted to the correct account and procedure. Frustrating because today was the first day that our daughter, Lindsay, was going to be working in the office. Unfortunately, when she got to the office I realized that the office laptop was at home and with all of the other computers in use we had to put off her project for another day.

Brad and I got home from the office this evening exhausted and, after taking off my oh-so-cute shoes, I sat down and watched an old episode of Friends with my daughter, Laura before getting dinner ready. I got a piece of string cheese to snack on but as soon as our dog heard me open it she was begging to share -- and share we did.

We realized yesterday that our avocados were finally ripe so we decided that dinner tonight would be chicken tostadas. Laura opted to not fry her shell, but Brad and I wanted the crunch. The tortillas were very small so I figured I could have one fried shell. We decided on black beans over refried pinto beans. The three of us put the dinner together and we all enjoyed the tostadas.

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  1. So good to hear from you on my blog! I enjoyed reading yours - good luck with it. I am finally able to get back to it after some technical difficulties :(. I have caught back up - you'll have to check back from time to time. Thanks!