Sunday, June 28, 2009

A New Twist

So yesterday I had a potential scam blog and today my Facebook is hacked. Geez! I'm just trying to be a modern woman and utilize all of the technology out there for communication! See where that gets me...

This morning my mom called around 7:30 to tell me that my cousin's daughter had called her because I had supposedly asked her to send 900 pounds to me as I was stranded in London after being mugged. She thought it was suspicious and called my mom who told it it was absolutely a scam.

I have been trying since that time to gain access to my account. So far no luck, but it looks like the person may have been blocked out of the account. But not before changing my password, defriending Brad, eliminating posts that dispute the claim for $$. I'm still waiting for FB to send me my new password. I am getting very impatient.

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