Saturday, June 27, 2009

A quick trip to Santa Barbara

Yesterday we decided to run up to Santa Barbara and get Laura's bed taken care of. She is renting the top half of a hourse right across from the beach with 8 other girls for the next school year. She won't be moving in until August but, since we are paying rent, she wanted to stake out her part of the room that she shares with two other girls.

The main thing that she needed was a bed. We realized that we had a good full size mattress in the basement so all we needed to buy was a box spring and a frame. Brad was determined to take the mattress in the Landcruiser. He spent a good deal of time tying it to the roof of the car and as he did that Laura rounded up some things that she wanted to take to the room. She suggested to Brad that he take the car out and test how the mattress did on the roof, but he was sure it would be fine. So, off we went...

Our house is about two miles from the freeway and the ride down M was smooth. We got on the freeway and Laura suggested we check out the mattress through the moon roof. When we opened that we saw that the mattress was lifting quite a bit. Brad assured us that it was very secure but he kept peeking at the roof. I couldn't take my eyes off it, the mattress seemed to be straining to get loose. By the time we had gone three miles we were exiting the freeway and headed back in the direction of home towards a rental place where we picked up a trailer. Much better.

Santa Barbara is a nice two hour drive. Yesterday was a bit crowded on the road so it took a little longer but it was an easy drive with no mishaps. Laura's roommate called her and said their room was the smallest room and we all started worrying that this full mattress wasn't going to fit. So we decided to stop by the place first before heading out to purchase the box spring.

As it turned out the room was larger than Laura remembered and there was a spot all ready for her full sized bed. We carted the mattress up the stairs and into her room and then headed off to the mattress store. At the mattress store a young guy helped us and when he asked for our address Brad started giving him ours. He abuptly cut Brad off and said that they needed Laura's address and phone number. We all laughed about that when we were in the car. I guess that is as good a way as any to get a girl's name and number...

We lugged the box spring up to her room, set up the frame, and installed the bed. By this point we were starving -- ok, maybe not starving, but we were sure hungry. We decided to go to The Elephant Bar where I had a tasty citrus chicken salad and iced tea, alathough I was surprised that the lettuce was all iceburg.

After lunch we headed over to KMart to get some risers, a mattress pad, and a lamp, then it was back to the house one last time. We were able to install the risers without removing the bed although Laura was a bit creeped out crawling under the bed. I don't know why she thought it was going to fall on her. We had decided to not get sheets and all at this point because Laura didn't want to make the bed inviting to strangers...

It's funny when I look at this picture the kitchen looks so nice and clean. It is an illusion and camera angles...
There was nothing left that we wanted to do so it was time to head back to our home. We decided to try and find a station that was playing Michael Jackson music on the way home. We didn't have much success. We were listening to satellite radio and we were sure we would be able to find such a station, but we finally gave up and listened to what we normally do.
We got home around 9:00 and we each made ourselves a little snack. I had toast with peanut butter and a popsicle. Then I sat down and watched a number of MJ videos before turning in.

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