Friday, September 25, 2009



Ah, it’s Friday and we were just thinking about when we were going to head down to Indio today to go to the Fantasy Casino where we were going to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash.  Then Scott called and said that a friend of his read in the paper that David Crosby was sick and the concert postponed.  Oh no!!  So I got online and sure enough the concert is postponed :(


I guess the good thing is we learned about it before we left for Indio.  We were able to cancel our hotel reservation and the concert is to be rescheduled.  Hopefully for a time we can attend. 


We are disappointed because we were looking forward to this concert.  Now we hope Crosby gets well. 


So I guess it will be golf and sushi instead.  That doesn’t sound too shabby. 


Until later…

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That’s a lot of fat to lose…

I just finished watching The Biggest Loser, week 2 where the 15 remaining contestants were challenged to lose 150 pounds to keep everyone on The Ranch for the next week.  Even though they earned credits so that by the time of the weigh in they “only” had to lose 115 pounds, they lost over 153 pounds.  Wow!!  Good for them!


Until later…

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I woke up this morning to Brad watching cooking shows.  We always enjoy these shows and I quickly learned that The Neely’s had cooked something that really peaked Brad’s interest. They grilled sweet and sour shrimp.  I wasn’t thrilled about the idea and then I read the ingredients in the marinade.  Really, any recipe that starts with red pepper flakes has my attention.


But before we went to the store to gather the ingredients that we needed Lindsay and I went out to get pedicures and our eyebrows (and lips for me) waxed.  This time I got a really nice pink called Strawberry Fields.  I like it!


Brad was starving when I got home so we went to this new place in town, Brooklyn Deli where we had great sandwiches.  We went there last Friday and I accidentally had rye bread.  Now, I hate rye bread.  I hate the smell and the taste.  But I didn’t want to take it back because it was my fault that I hadn’t checked the menu.  I thought I would just eat the meat, but I took a little taste of the bread,  Surprisingly it tasted good.  And the crust was crunchy and delicious.  But I don’t like rye bread so today I ordered my delicious roast beef on sourdough.  It was very bland and I wished I had the rye.  Go figure…


Then it was off to Costco and Albertsons.


We picked up these great big shrimp at Costco and were please when we got them home and found out that they were already deveined.  After a quick trip to Kohls where we met up with Lindsay and Ben so we could use their 30% off coupon, we started getting things ready for our meal. 


On the menu:  Sweet and Sour grilled shrimp, pasta and tomato and asparagus salad, and mixed berry shortcake.  And I decided to throw in a batch of lemon cupcakes from the Flat Belly Diet cookbook. 


We were very busy in the kitchen, but we had fun putting it all together.  Then it was finally time to try our dishes.  OMG  the shrimps were so good.  That was the best shrimp dish I have ever had.  All you heard were a lot of moans and groans.  Oh my they were so good.  MMMMMMM.  The pasta salad was excellent.  The blanched asparagus, the tomatoes and feta cheese were a nice combination with the rotini.  And then it was time for desert.  Once again OMG.  I had made some Bisquick  shortcakes to go with the berries and whipped cream.  This was so good.  It blew a regular strawberry shortcake out of the water.  This one had strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries that had been mixed with a little honey and liquer.  So good.  But now I am too full!!


I haven’t had a chance to taste the cupcakes but I know the batter was deliciosa and the icing with light and citrusey. 


That makes 7 days in a row of mouth watering delicious dinners. Wow!


Until later…

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Nice Friday Morning

All week long we weren’t sure what we were going to do today.  Brad was toying with the idea of going to an endo course in Agoura.  Yesterday he decided that he wasn’t going to go since the weather was supposed to be great, making it a good day for golf.  Sounded good to me.  So this morning we got ourselves over to the golf course to show it what we could do.  Ha!


I started out having a poor game and never really improved.  I don’t know what was going on but I know I wasn’t comfortable.  At one point all I could notice was my little finger on my right hand and the way it was positioned with my left.  I hadn’t changed anything with my grip so I don’t have a clue why I was so obsessed with that. 


On a couple holes we had a good laugh at the big break they were giving the ladies today.  It was so pathetic that I had to take a picture. IMG_3863

I’ve played at enough courses where you actually had to drive up to the ladies’ tee  to know this was a joke.


As my game got worse my old nemeses took over.  First it was my shadow.  I thought I had been able to work through the shadow thing and just ignore it.  Not today!IMG_3867

When I see this all I can see is my big shadow.  Why do I look so huge??  Oh yeah, there is the ball.


Then we got to the 10th hole.  Oh yeah, this hole has had my number for a couple of months now.  It doesn’t seem to matter what I do I am bound and determined to hit my ball into the water.  It has quite a few blue Crystal balls in there now.


Then we get to the 14th hole and it isn’t any better.  This hole has that same little lake that likes to eat my golf balls.  So I lost another one there today.IMG_3887

I played terribly, but I was glad to be out on the course.  I gave up keeping score after about the 6th hole and it was a lot more fun.  I think I might have broken one of my clubs if I had kept scoring.


We came home and immediately put on our swim suits and went out by the pool – which was 89 – 90 degrees!  Perfect when there is a breeze around.  And in Lancaster when is there ever not a breeze around?

lounging 2

Until later…

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun Food Thursday

So I was on the office’s Facebook page today, sending quick messages to patients letting them know that we have a facebook page and encouraging them to become fans of the page when up popped a message from Facebook saying that I was sending out too many messages to quickly and the account was going to be suspended if I didn’t stop.  Say what??  I think I sent a total of 6 messages before the warning came up.  Give me a break!


I have discovered on Facebook that I like the hide feature.  Now when people annoy me too many times I just hide them.  End of problem.  I like that!


Tonight was fun food Thursday.  For a couple of days I had been thinking that we would make carne asada, although I wasn’t very excited about the idea.  I figured if I couldn’t come up with something more fun I’d just fix that.  By the time we were done at the office I hadn’t thought of anything else so off to the Vallarta’s Market we went.


We came home and after Lindsay and Ben and Riley came over we made it – or I should say the guys made the guacamole and grilled the carne while I whipped up the coleslaw dressing and heated up the fresh tortillas.  I like how easy this dinner is.  Funny, how sometimes when you aren’t really excited about something it turns out to be just what you wanted.  Tonight the carne asada was perfect!  Yum!


Well, time to turn in.  I’ve got a golf date tomorrow :)


Until later…

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Humpity Dump Day


All day long I have been thinking that today was Tuesday.  But, hallelujah, today is WEDNESDAY!!  That means we only have one more day of work this week.  Oh I love 4 day work weeks.  It’s the only way to go :)


I keep thinking about season premier of The Biggest Loser last night.  I really wasn’t all that excited about seeing the show this season, but when I heard it was starting up again last night I figured I would have to take a look.  And, oh my, I am glad I did.  These poor people have a lot of work cut out for them.  Some of them have such a very long way to go to get healthy.  How many people on that show are over 400 pounds.  I lost track.  Two people even went to the hospital after the first challenge, although I don’t really know what to think about that one gal who was crawling before she “collapsed”.  Somehow “Drama Queen” keeps popping into my head.  She was doing too well in the first part of the mile race for her to have collapsed the way she did at the end.  Hmmm.  Maybe I’m just too cynical.


But who doesn’t love Abby.  Oh my.  The tragedy that she has had to live through.  I want her to win and find out what it is that she is meant to do.  I’m sure she will figure it out and honor her family in a big way – even if she doesn’t win!  I can’t imagine anyone being able to vote her off after hearing the story how her husband, daughter and tiny baby were killed in a car crash where the other driver was going 100 mph!  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. And it was good to see Jillian so emotional.  It really took me by surprised when Jillian said that she had always figured that if people she loved were killed she would kill herself.  I know people say that (and I know I have thought that) but to hear it on television was a little shocking.  And then when she said that after seeing what Abby has been through and seeing how she picks herself up everyday and chooses to live her life she realized that she would have to be stronger if something tragic happened.   I was crying like a baby.


I will be rooting for Abby!


I still have to watch last week’s So You Think You Can Dance.  I am not a big fan of auditions, but these are the best ones of the reality shows.  I’m looking forward to when the top twenty are dancing.  Each season they seem more talented than the last.


I’m not sure what the plans are for the weekend.  Brad keeps toying with going to a class in Agoura.  I was hoping I could go with him and then go to Santa Barbara and spend a little time with Laura but “polish week” is taking all her time at Kappa.  She can’t come home the following weekend because of Bid Night on Saturday and we will be gone the 2 weekends after that.  So we just might have to go up on Sunday to see our girl. 


This morning on the way in to the office I was thinking about things coming up that we have planned.  I was thinking about going to see U2 and wondering what date it was.  All of a sudden I decided it was on the same day as the California Governor’s Women’s Conference.  Oh crap!  These are two things I really want to do and spent a pretty penny on!!  As soon as I got to the office I raced to my computer to see when the U2 concert was.  Boy, did I breathe a sigh of relief when I saw that the concert was on Sunday, October 25, and the Conference is on Tuesday, October 27!  Whew!!


Well, it is a quarter to 4 in the afternoon and and I’ve only had 32 oz of water.  I still need to drink 32 oz more at least.  I’d better get busy now or I’ll be up all night… :)


Time to get a little work done. Until later…

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yay, Friday!!

Why is it that a short week doesn’t seem that short?? We started the work week with only three weeks to go but it felt like a long week. And then to top that off I didn’t feel like I ever got into the rhythm of the week. Oh well, at least it is Friday :)

Today I went to get a flu shot at Walgreens and while I was signing up at the counter the young girl asked if this would be on Medicare!! Medicare!!! How old do I look??? I thought I was doing an good job keeping old age at bay, but this just knocked the wind out of my sails. I’ve got a ways to go before I qualify for Medicare. Stupid girl.

I was driving home today at the same time that Lancaster High School was over for the day. Stopped at a light I couldn’t believe some of the things I saw girls wearing (sort of) to school. When did it become okay to wear short short shorts to school? With flip flops and a cami top they looked ready to go to the beach not to school. One girls’ short were so short that her top covered them completely. What happened to dress codes?? What are they going to do when they get out in the real world?

Actually, I’ve seen what a lot of them do. They go to job interviews inappropriately dressed. I know that as an employer I wouldn’t hire a person who didn’t know how to dress for an interview.

Maybe I am old…

Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 years

I woke up with a start at 3:10 am exactly 2 years to the minute from when Dad died. Just like I did 2 years ago. Very weird. I miss him a lot but know that I was really lucky to have him as my dad!

This morning Brad and I went out golfing. I am reading a new book and I thought I would try to apply some of what I am learning. You wouldn't know from my score that I think the information in the book is helping. For the first time I really focused on what I was doing. Who knew focusing was important -- lol. Tomorrow I am going to see if I can post a better score. I should have had a better score today, but I landed in the sand twice and had one heck of a time getting out. Oh well, one thing at a time. I've got to get ready for Hawaii :)

Last night we went sat under the stars at the Palmdale Amphitheater and saw the Greg Rolie band. Although he was a founding member and singer for both Santana and Journey they did Santana music exclusively. It was good, but I would have like to have heard some Journey. It was a very nice evening to be sitting outside and we are glad we went.

I am so glad tomorrow is a holiday!!! Yay!! One more day off. I like these 4 day weekends. Then we only have a 3 day week !! Lovely!

Well, I think I'll go and figure out what to have for dinner.

Until later...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Aren't shoes wonderful??

I'm jumping back on the horse and trying this blog again. I think I am too boring in my eating to make it a food blog so I am just going to make it a life blog! And I can credit my daughter, Laura, for getting me back in the blogosphere. So, thank you Laura.

Well, I have been spending way too much time on Farmville over the summer. But today I finally got to level 20 where I can at long last buy the greenhouse and the gazebo!! Oh, I know that sounds ridiculous, but that stupid game has been fun to play. Hey, it's better than watching TV because I actually talk to people out on their farms.

Brad and I played golf yesteday after a several month hiatus. And when you play like I play a hiatus does not do wonders for your game. At least we had a great time. We may even go back out this afternoon -- that is if we aren't lying around the pool. We've got to get ready for Hawaii in 4 weeks! Oh thank you American Dental Association for having your annual convention in Hawaii this year just when we wanted to take a week off! Yay tax write-off!
Tonight we are going to an outdoor concert to see the Greg Rolie Band under the stars. I read that there are several members from Santana in this band. I expect to hear Santana music, I wonder if we will hear the songs he played as a member of Journey.

This afternoon we went to Dillards and as I was waiting for Brad to return from putting his bags in the car I headed over to the shoe department. I love Dillards' shoe department. The sales rack immediately called my name and a pair of Coach sandal/heels spoke to me. I didn't want to be rude so I tried them on. And they were a dream. I just had to have them. Lucky for me they were 75% off!! Yessss!

Now they are resting comfortably in my closet! Ah yes! They make me very happy!!

And speaking of that, I picked up more Clinique Happy! I've been out of my favorite shower gel for 3 days now! I am glad to have it back.

Well, it is time to get off the computer and do something!

Until later...