Friday, September 11, 2009

Yay, Friday!!

Why is it that a short week doesn’t seem that short?? We started the work week with only three weeks to go but it felt like a long week. And then to top that off I didn’t feel like I ever got into the rhythm of the week. Oh well, at least it is Friday :)

Today I went to get a flu shot at Walgreens and while I was signing up at the counter the young girl asked if this would be on Medicare!! Medicare!!! How old do I look??? I thought I was doing an good job keeping old age at bay, but this just knocked the wind out of my sails. I’ve got a ways to go before I qualify for Medicare. Stupid girl.

I was driving home today at the same time that Lancaster High School was over for the day. Stopped at a light I couldn’t believe some of the things I saw girls wearing (sort of) to school. When did it become okay to wear short short shorts to school? With flip flops and a cami top they looked ready to go to the beach not to school. One girls’ short were so short that her top covered them completely. What happened to dress codes?? What are they going to do when they get out in the real world?

Actually, I’ve seen what a lot of them do. They go to job interviews inappropriately dressed. I know that as an employer I wouldn’t hire a person who didn’t know how to dress for an interview.

Maybe I am old…

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