Sunday, July 12, 2009

Does the Wind Ever Stop Blowing?

Another windy summer day here in Lancaster.  I’m getting a little bored with this.  I can accept that it usually gets windy by 4:00 pm but when it is windy at 7:30 am every day, well that is just too much.  But what’s a girl to do??

We got up this morning and decided to have our coffee out on the patio.  I stepped outside and was surprised by how warm it already was.  Looking out the window and seeing the trees blowing in the wind I thought it would be cooler. 

Brad and I like to sit outside on a weekend morning and drink our coffee and work on crossword puzzles.  All the while I sat out there FarmTown on Face Book was calling my name.  But I was determined not to heed the siren’s call this morning.  At least not until it was time to plant some grapes…

For breakfast I decided to scramble some eggs and eat them with the leftover pico de gallo that we had with carne asada on Thursday.IMG_3533

I’m still using my 4th of July paper plates. 

We spent the whole morning outside reading, doing puzzles, playing with the dogs – in all a great morning.

For lunch I snooped around the refrigerator and pantry and decided it would be grilled cheese sandwiches for us.  And we had a few chips leftover from the carne asada meal.IMG_3536 

After we ate we decided to whip up some falafel mix to use for dinner.  I used garbanzo and cannellini beans, but I think the cannellini beans were too wet.  I like to use those beans in hummus but I think I’ll stick with garbanzo beans for falafels from now on.  I put the mix in the refrigerator, hoping it would be drier by dinner.  I also put together a nice tahini sauce to go with the falafels. 

I finally broke down and took the laptop outside so I could plant some grape crops and check on my sister’s farm while she is out of town.

Lindsay and Ben came by from their trip to Paso Robles.  It sounds like they had a great anniversary trip with mucho wine tasting.  They didn’t seem too much the worse for wear.  And they brought us back a great looking wine.They did seem happy to see their little Riley.  After we told them what a good dog he had been he decided to poop and pee in the house.  Oh well.  Good thing he is a cute little chiaweenie!!

Before dinner we had a glass of the nice little wine that we opened yesteday and did a little more farming.  I was excited to see that Lindsay was now a farmer and would be my neighbor.  I don’t know why that game is so much fun, but it is.


When dinner rolled around the falafel mix was thicker, but I still had to add some flour to it to get it to a better consistency.  We made a lot so we’ll be having them again tomorrow. 


And now it is time to go have a popsicle and watch a little tv with Brad.  Laura is home from Santa Monica but she just left to watch some show with her friend, Christina.

Until tomorrow…

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