Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Hitch in My Get-Along

Today we got up late, I guess I was sleeping so hard that I didn't hear the alarm. Oh, wait, we never set an alarm we just let the light wake us up. I never thought I would be able to do that! So we just enjoyed our coffee in bed and then I fixed our oatmeal with strawberries.

As I was getting ready to go to the office this morning I realized I was running out of foundation. Now yesterday when I looked at my self portrait I realized I need to be generous with the foundation --- I can't run out. So I picked up the bottle to determine what the color is. I had my glasses on and I couldn't even find where the color was on the bottle. Finally I saw a spot, but I could not make out the teeeny tiny writing. Brad took a look and just laughed, then he decided it was a job for his loupes. With great magnification he was able to read it. Pure beige medium 2. As you can see from this highly magnified picture it is not easy to read. I think I'll send one of the girls in to get it for me so I don't have to take a magnifying glass to be sure I'm buying the correct color... If find this so ironic. When I was younger and didn't need glasses I really didn't need much in the way of foundation. Now that I am older and can benefit from good use of foundation I can't read the bottle...

One of the first things I did at the office this morning was send an e-mail to my Aunt Donna. It read simply "Today I think I have a hitch in my get-along :)" Her response was :) :) That put a smile on my face. You see, today was my paternal grandmother's birthday - Aunt Donna's mother's birthday. I called her Foney when I was learning to talk and the name stuck. One thing I remember about her was that if she had a pain in her hip she would say that she had a hitch in her get-along. It always made me laugh...

I received another wonderful Starbucks passion iced tea this morning. I'm addicted.

I'm still trying to get FB to reinstate my page. I'm about ready to shine that on and just start a new page. If I don't hear back from them today that's what I think I'll do. It was easy for a scammer to take possession of my FB page, but it is really hard to get it back. Too bad they weren't as diligent when an unauthorized person changed my e-mail login. What crappy support they have!!

I told Laura last night that there was no reason for her to be sitting home bored during the day when I had plenty for her to do at the office. After going to Target today and picking up my foundation she came to the office where I put her to work. At lunch the 5 of us headed off to Camielle's where, once again, I had the walnut apple tuna sandwhich. I really have to start changing up what I eat.

(Thanks for ghe great picture, Lindsay)

This evening I had a nail appointment so I was glad that Laura was in the office to be able to take me to my appointment since Brad was not going to be able to get out by 5:00. Brad and I ride in together so I couldn't just take our car and leave him stranded. Ok, he wouldn't be stranded, Ben could take him home, but since Laura was at the office it made the most sense for her to give me a ride.

I've been going to the same nail technician for a long time and consider her friend. This year has been a hard year for her and it doesn't appear to be getting better. She lost her mom a little over 2 months ago and now her father is rapidly declining. I feel so bad for her. All I could do was give her a hug and tell her that I was araound if she needed anything. :(

While I was waiting for Laura to come pick me up and take me home I went into the grocery store to get food for Fun Food Thursday. We decided on pulled pork done in the slow cooker. Brad and I will get it ready in the morning and then let it cook all day.

I got home and saw that Brad had prepared the pineapple for dinner and it was up to me to get something ready as a main course. We had some chicken that I had taken out so I decided to make a chicken pasta. I added garlic, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, tomato paste, grape tomatoes, and chicken broth and it was so delicious. We cooked a Barilla Omega 3 penne pasta to go under the sauce and topped it all off with parmesan cheese. We had the pasta dish with a pineapple and cottage cheese salad.

Well, not it is time to watch So You Think You Can Dance.

Until tomorrow...

Never eat more than you can lift -- Miss Piggy

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  1. That is so funny - I have a friend at school that says I've gotta hitch in my get-along. I figured it was a southern thing but I guess not. You have such great looking food all the time!