Thursday, July 2, 2009

TGI Thursday!!

Oh how nice it is to be sitting home on Thursday evening with dinner done, a movie (MILK) playing, and a weekend ahead to be enjoyed. We are lucky and have a 3 day weekend every week, but that doesn't make Thursday sweet, just the same!

Today started out with a nice 2 mile walk with Brad and Zoey. Then it was back to the house to enjoy a cup of coffee before really starting the day. Thursdays are always interesting days. We wake up knowing that the day will be very busy, but that it will be worth it because as soon as the last patient leaves our weekend begins.

Before heading off to the office we prepared the pork and put it in the slow cooker for pulled pork sandwiches for Fun Food Thursday!

We expected to have a lot of people canceling their appointments today since it is so close the the 4th of July weekend. But no one canceled. In fact, a number of people called with toothaches and a dire need to be seen immediately. We were continually trying to figure out where to put patients in the schedule. The way the morning was going we thought we were going to have to work through lunch, but, surprisingling we were all done only 10 minutes into lunch. And since Thursdays are the days that we have an extra 1/2 hour for lunch no one was complaining.

Lindsay and I set out not knowing where we wanted to eat. After driving a little aimlessly we decided to get a sushi. We went to a place called Big Tuna that is popular for it's all-you-can-eat sushi bar. We weren't interesting in eating all we could so we took a table and ordered salmon sushi, a 911 roll, a Hawaiian roll, and some edamame.

As we were eating we realized we had ordered too much. Next time we'll only order the salmon and one roll. We ended up leaving with a nice doggy bag --that would never be seen by the dog. BerryStar, a nice little PinkBerry imitation was a couple of doors down from Big Tuna and we wanted a little taste of frozen non-fat yogurt. Lindsay got chocolate and I got the original tart flavor with a smidge of fresh strawberries and just a couple of tiny gummi bears. It was so refreshing and good!

Back at the office the afternoon seemed to be as crazy as the morning but this time we managed to be done on time! Who would have figured? Laura had taken her car into the VW shop today to have her car serviced. After work we were going to meet her over there but decided it would make more sense (and leave less of a carbon footprint) for only us to drive over and then Brad would drive her car back to the house while I drove ours. On the way over Brad saw the doggy bag and finished it off.

We got home and the pork was wonderully tender. Lindsay and Ben came over a little later and we got out the Orowheat skinny buns and made a nice coleslaw. Okay, I didn't cut the cabbage or carrots, but I did make the dressing. We all enjoyed our pulled pork sandwiches. I like my sandwhich with the coleslaw inside and more on the side.
As I sit hear we are watching MILK. I'm getting better about watching movies. When I actually sit down and watch I enjoy them. Go figure!
I think I need a popsicle...

Until later...

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  1. How is it that we have turned into movie people???? Weird, huh?