Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wednesday at Kona Village

I was downloading pictures and saw that my last blog from Hawaii did not get posted, so here it is…


Did I mention how we have no keys here at Kona Village?  No keys at all.  That's right we don't lock our doors here.  They told us you could get a key if you really wanted one, but what the heck.  It has been a pleasure to live without keys.  Oh and did I mention no TV.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this.  Brad and I are TV watching idiots. Don't miss it.  Don't miss it at all!


Last night we walked over to a different restaurant at the Four Seasons.  Once again we were right on the beach.  Oh I could get used to this!!


Today we got up, had our breakfast and then headed over to the Marriott at Waikoloa for Brad's second and last day of class.  These have not been hard to take 8:00 to ll:00.  Today a lot of wives were there even though the ADA nerd said that wives weren't allowed.  I can see why Brad has liked this class.  I thought what I learned about photography was great and makes me want to learn more!! 


About halfway through the class we left the classroom and went outside to practice taking pictures.  The hour flew by.  Then it was back to class for a little more instruction and then the course was over!!  Brad was smart and at the end asked to use Dr. Snow's light meter to get some readings for his camera for the office.

We left the Marriott and headed over to the Hilton Waikoloa.  I had remembered that they had a sandal shop there and I thought Brad might be able to find the sandals that he has been looking for.  He found them and then decided he wanted a different pair altogether.  Whatever.  At least he found what we wanted.  


We left the Hilton and went over to the Kings Court Shopping Center and had a nice lunch.  But it was hot and humid!!  We were dripping by the time we left to go back to Kona Village.  On our way to the Village we saw a couple of goats that we just had to take pictures of.  


As soon as we got back to our hale we got our suits on and headed for the beach.  Then around 4:15 we headed back to get ready for  the cocktail party.  Yay! Free drinks and pupus.  We took advantage of the opportunity, played some Hawaiian checkers and then the hour was over.


Before heading back to our hale we walked over to the tennis courts and fitness room. Nothing like checking out tennis courts and fitness equipment after 2 mai tais.  Hahaha.


On our way back we also checked out the luau.  We decided to not go to this one, but we are planning on going to the one on Friday. 


The pupus filled us up so we are back at the hale getting ready for a great day of golf!

Until later.

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