Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today when we got up we decided it was time to take a walk to the Four Seasons and see what was in that direction.  So we put on our walking clothes and headed out.  The Four Seasons is right next to Kona Village and it is beautiful.  Walking around the grounds there I felt that I had found my substitue for Kapalua!  We walked all around the grounds and checked out the very empty and very expensive golf course.  We learned that you either had to be a guest of the Four Seasons, Kona Village or own a home in the resort to be able to play.  And you can not bring a guest.  And for the privilege you pay $250 per person.  Only this month they are having a special because they have just aerated the greens.  Now it is only $200.  Yikes.


We decided to think about it and go back and check out golf Hawaii.


While we were in the concierge room at Kona Village checking out golf times online Ricky Lee Jones came in to make an appointment for a massage and to arrange an excursion to Mauna Kea.  Ricky Lee Jones of Chuck Es in Love.  And Cindy Crawford is here. Ok we haven’t seen her, but we heard she is here…


Once we figured out where we wanted to golf and when (tomorrow, Hapuna) it was time to go to the pool.  We had a very relaxing time under a cabana.  When we were just about ready to go I knew that I first had to get in the ocean.  To Brad's delight I decided it was time to swim out to the raft.  And so we did.  I was very nervous for some reason but I was glad I got out to the raft and didn't just think about it.  Next time, however, I am going to use some fins.


After our swim we decided it was time to go down to Kailua Kona.


We headed down the coast to find a place to watch the sunset and have some fish. 

After driving around a bit we decided The Kona Inn would be the best choice.  We were able to get a seat closest the the ocean which turned out to be a perfect spot to watch the sun set.  And a great place for dinner.

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