Monday, October 5, 2009

Vacation Day One

After staying up late last night and then getting up at 6:00 this morning we were ready to leave before the time than we had planned.  Okay, maybe it was only 10 minutes earlier but at least we weren’t late.  We were able to drop the excited Zoey off and stop at Target before we left the AV with time to spare.  Traffic wasn’t bad and when it started backing up we were able to get in the HOV lane and sail passed everyone.  That was great. 


Brad had arranged for parking at the Airport Marriott and we were able to unload our luggage and hit the restroom before boarding the shuttle that took us to our gate.  As we were loading our luggage on the shuttle the stupid handle on the brand new hard shell golf bag broke.  We couldn’t believe it.  Oh well, we will deal with that when we get home. 


Once at the airport we waited in a long, but fast, line to check in our baggage.  We already had our boarding passes so it was just a quick hand over of the luggage that Brad had already prepaid.  That was easy.  Then it was out to the security line. 


Holy cow!!  I’ve never been in a line that long at the airport.  Good thing we had a lot of time before boarding.  Finally we got to the scanning equipment and Brad put his shoes on top of his luggage.  Oh no!!  Stop everything and call for a security check. 


Once they figured out they were just shoes and it was just a laptop they released them to Brad and let us proceed.  We found a nice spot to sit that had a plug for the laptop so we were able to charge it up and I was able to start this blog of our trip.  Now we are just waiting to hear our boarding call and then it is on to Kona.  Yay!!!


Until later…

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